A new chapter in life deserves a new blog. I am a clinical fellow speech language pathologist (CF-SLP), which means that I am in my first 1200 hours, and I am enjoying being home after spending 2.5 years between Hammond, LA and Tulsa, Oklahoma, in order to complete graduate school. After the floods, in Louisiana, last year, I was not sure if I would actually graduate, as I lost everything that I ever did in my field, in a car accident, involving several feet of water, but, a year ago today, I completed my comprehensive exams. When I began my last semester, with nothing but other people’s notes, I had this necklace that said, “She said she would, So she did”, hence the name of my blog.

If I had to use one word to describe myself, I would have to say “grit” or maybe “contrary”. This does not mean “graceful”, “courageous”, “adventurous”, or to even be “strong”… “Resilient” may work… weeds are also resilient.  I just believe in pushing forward and it has helped me survive statistics. I am a “Type-A”, “INTJ”, wallflower kind of person, who is really not shy; I just get lost in analysis.

I plan on posting about my various interests and life in general. I love to study the brain, especially as it relates to disorders in my field (speech pathology). I also love to talk autism, feeding therapy, AAC devices, and play therapy. I will also post about my children and husband and probably talk about health conditions that impact my life.Not that I am going anywhere soon but if something were to happen to me, I would like someone who knows me to be able to read this in my voice. My “She said she would’s” are different this year but I have my necklace on and I plan on adding,”So she did”, to the items on my plate.




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